83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road Intersection Improvements - Peoria, AZ

Y2K Engineering was contracted to refine mitigation measures (infrastructure or other) during the design process to best accommodate the high traffic volumes (50,000 vpd). Additionally, Yung Koprowski was the project manager for the initial evaluation of the Thunderbird Road corridor including SR 101, 84th Avenue, and 83rd Avenue to recommend improvements that would improve capacity, safety, efficiency, access, and traffic control. Peak traffic demands were evaluated under various improvement scenarios. Yung recommended double service of left-turns with a permitted flashing yellow arrow at certain times of the day instead of constructing dual left-turn lanes, which required additional right of way and utility relocation, resulting in significant savings of $3 million for the City of Peoria.

For more information on this project please visit the video below created by Yung Koprowski and Y2K for public involvement. 

Building Peoria - Thunderbird Road Corridor Project