MAG Regional Active Transportation Plan

Y2K Engineering, as a subconsultant, provides key local support for the assessment of existing regional connectivity, identifying corridors and regional connection opportunities, stakeholder engagement, and preparation of the Plan. The MAG Regional Active Transportation Plan will serve as a guide for improving, expanding and connecting the MAG region’s bicycle and pedestrian network which facilitates the movement of people walking, bicycling, and via transit. Y2K’s role is support of Plan development, including participation in a visioning workshop with MAG’s member agencies, recommending specific infrastructure improvements, and prioritizing network recommendations. A major focus of the plan is to identify opportunities for “complete corridors” that prioritize multimodal access and connect the region. Opportunities for routes and investments will be identified that will place an emphasis on connections, quality of life factors, and safety. Identifying these corridors can propel the MAG region forward in terms of positioning itself for grant funding opportunities and creating an organized framework upon which a finer network of safe, high comfort walking and biking facilities grows.