Pronghorn Ranch Traffic Study

Y2K Engineering prepared this traffic impact statement (TIS) in order to present the results of our traffic analysis for the proposed revisions to Unit 19 and Unit 20 of Pronghorn Ranch (formerly known as Antelope Village). Pronghorn Ranch is a Planned Area Development located in the area north of Viewpoint Drive and State Route 89A in Prescott Valley, Arizona. In a multi-phase construction, 1,440 single-family and multi-family dwelling units and 5.2 acres of commercial property have been approved to be developed on the 640 acres.

The purpose of the TIS was to document existing roadway conditions in the immediate area and evaluate the site’s access points to ensure acceptable traffic operations are maintained under proposed future conditions if 50 single family residential units and 224 low-rise apartments are added to the site.

Through our analysis it was conservatively projected the Pronghorn Ranch development generates approximately 14,000 daily trips. Based on actual data collected in two separate events, it was determined that each home generates 40% fewer trips than national estimates. At full build out, this equates to approximately 9,800 trips, including 178 inbound and 508 outbound trips during the AM peak period and 566 inbound trips and 291 outbound trips during the PM peak period.